FAQ Page

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions about the sheet metal apprenticeship.

The term “sheet metal” refers to any metal that can be formed into flat pieces of varying thicknesses. Thick metals are called plate. Metals used in the sheet metal industry include cold rolled steel, mild steel, stainless steel, tin, nickel, titanium, aluminum, brass, and copper.

Using specialized tools, sheet metal workers cut, roll, bend, and shape these pieces to make a wide variety of objects. Examples of where sheet metal can be found or used include:

  • Ductwork
  • Refrigeration unit cabinets
  • Medical tables and storage units
  • Building facades
  • Signs
  • Exhaust hoods
  • Stacks
  • Decorative art

$24.08-$53.51 (approximate), plus benefits: 401(K), Local Pension, National Pension, Health & Welfare, Apprentice/Journeyman Training.

  • Birth Certificate (must be at least 18 years of age; if written in a language other than English, provide a notarized translation)
  • High School or equivalent Certificate (if unavailable, must provide sealed transcripts with graduation date)
  • Valid Original Photo Identification (Valid NV Driver’s License required prior to program acceptance)

2540 Marco Street, which is located North off Carey, between Lamb and Nellis

You have to bring photo copies of all your documents with you, with no exceptions, or you will not be given an application.

On the first Tuesday of every month, between 7:30am-11:30am and 1:30pm-3:30pm.

We begin our first year classes in July.

You must have a high school diploma or equivalent in order to apply for the program. If you are a senior about to graduate, sealed transcripts with an expected graduation date are accepted.

You still need a copy of all your documents. If written in a language other than English, it should be translated and notarized.

You must be at least 18 years old. There is no upper age limit.

You can apply as a pre-apprentice at our Union Hall, located at 2560 Marco St. You need to be at least 18 years old, and have a valid original Nevada driver’s license and be a qualified applicant with the Sheet Metal Local 88 JATC.

No, but if you are a pre-apprentice, it will count for points towards your your total score.

It is a four-year program.

You work full-time, during the day, for a contractor, and receive a regular paycheck. You also attend school once or twice a week. Currently, all classes are after work in the evening, however first year classes are subject to change and can be scheduled during the day if needed.

No previous sheet metal experience is necessary.

Applicants must apply in person for the apprenticeship.

You will need to return, at a later date, to take a math and reading test. Upon passing the test, you will return again for an interview.

The length of time varies, depending on what time of year you apply.

You will receive a letter from our office if you do not pass the test. You may then come in, on the first Tuesday of any future month, and reapply. You will need to bring all photocopies of all your documents at that time.

You need your original photo identification or driver’s license, but copies of the other documents are acceptable.